24k Gold for Face – THE GOLDEN GLOW

Do you wish to make heads turn? Our exclusive 24K Golden Glow treatment helps improve blood circulation while boosting skin cells and gives you a dazzling glow in just ONE session!  Namaa’s 24k gold facial involves using skincare products and masks that contains actual gold particles and gold infused ingredient’s, this facial kit helps to promote a youthful glow, leaving your skin luminous and radiant. During the treatment, we thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and infuse the skin with a 24K gold foil which imparts a luminous glow and enhance the overall appearance of the skin. The treatment ends with application of a luxurious 24K Golden Mask to provide a long lasting golden glow.

Number of Sessions Treatment Time Recovery Time
1 -2 session  15 - 60 mins Immediate results 


Why Is It Good?

Instant clear and glowing skin in just 30 minutes.

Perfect for all skin types.

Boosts blood circulation

Fights signs of aging

Naturally derived active ingredients.

Cruelty free.

Treatment Step by Step

Gold Serum Cleanser – Deep Cleansing System

Gold Serum Scrub – Enzyme Nutty Peel

Toner – Ph Balancer

Oxygenating Golden Mask – Nourishes & Retains Moisture

Gold Foil – 24k Gold

Gold Massage Serum – For Uneven Skin Complexion

Decollate Massage Enhancer – Silken Touch

Golden Peel Off Mask – For Glowing Skin

Sunscreen – SPF 30 PA ++


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the 24k Gold Facial Kit work?

The Gold Facial Kit works by using the benefits of gold particles and other active ingredients to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. The gold particles help improve blood circulation, reduce fine lines, and promote a radiant complexion when used as directed.

Is Gold Facial good for all skin type?

Gold facials offer a lot of benefits, it is probably the only type of facial that is suitable for all skin types.

Can I apply moisturizer immediately after facial?

After a facial, always apply a sunscreen and moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher to minimize potential damage. Following deep cleansing, extractions, and exfoliation, your skin may be a bit sensitive after a facial. For that reason, it's important to stick to gentle cleansers.