The Mesoestetic Global Eyecon treatment is expertly crafted to combat the visible signs of aging around your eyes. Utilizing a blend of peels and microneedling, this non-invasive and non-surgical procedure targets fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging, leaving you with bright, refreshed, and rejuvenated eyes.

Transform Your Eye Area:

  • Minimizes Dark Circles, Wrinkles & Drooping: Experience the reduction of common aging signs for a more youthful appearance.
  • Non-Invasive & Non-Surgical: Enjoy the benefits of a rejuvenated eye area without the need for surgery.
Number of Sessions Treatment Time Recovery Time
6 30 Minutes Immediate 



 The treatment begins with a potent salicylic and azelaic acid peel during the first visit, targeting the brow bone, crow's feet, and under the eyes. This gentle yet effective peel breaks down pigmentation and stimulates cell turnover. The second visit, a week later, involves nanopore microneedling to kickstart collagen production, reduce puffiness, and infuse the skin with an illuminating serum.


Optimal results are achieved through a course of 3 alternate sessions of peeling and microneedling, totaling 6 sessions. The Mesoestetic Global Eyecon Treatment addresses various signs of aging around the eyes, including fine lines, wrinkles, undereye bags, dark circles, loss of elasticity, and drooping under the eyelids.


Step 1: Consultation Initiate your treatment journey with a personalized consultation, either virtual or in the clinic. Discuss your medical history, ask questions, and ensure a transparent understanding of the procedure.

Step 2: During Your Treatment Undergo a 6-session program, including 3 Periocular Mesopeels and 3 Periocular Microneedling treatments spaced 1 week apart. The treatment concludes with LED light therapy to enhance skin recovery.

Step 3: After the Treatment Apply specific photoprotection post-treatment to prevent pigmentation. Home care recommendations will be discussed during the consultation to maximize and prolong results.


When can I expect to see results?

Results are immediate, with visible improvements noticed after each session, including reduction in eye bags, dark circles, lines, and wrinkles.

Is there downtime?

Apart from possible slight redness and dryness around the eyes (lasting 24 hours), the treatment is comfortable with no downtime.

Is Eyecon treatment painful?

The treatment is mostly pain-free, with potential tingling and slight redness during and post-treatment.

How long should I leave between treatments?

For optimal results, a one-week interval between each session is recommended.

Experience the Transformation – Rejuvenate Your Eyes with Global Eyecon.