Welcome to Namaa

The journey to “ The best you ” begins here

Glow up with our premium FDA approved technologies and products for remarkable and safe results.

Experience customised treatments with personal care that aligns to your unique individual needs.

Discover opulent luxury and well-being in a tranquil beauty haven.

Welcome to Namaa

Our number one priority is to bring our patients the most effective treatments in the safest way. We only use the most premium products, devices and the latest technologies which are FDA approved. All our treatments are carried out by doctors, medical aestheticians and dermal therapists who are driven by a passion for skin care, hair care & lasers.

You name your problem & we have a customised solution for you based on your body’s unique needs while ensuring you receive the highest standard of safety, care & comfort through this personalised experience.

From the moment you step through our doors, you become a part of our community that has redefined beauty standards with a vision that is refreshingly real. We don’t believe in promoting or chasing unrealistic standards. Instead, we’re here to enhance the unique beauty that already resides within you. Think of it as revealing your skin & hair’s true potential – it’s your skin & hair, elevated to its best. We look forward to serving your aesthetic needs.

Explore & discover The Namaa Experience, to enhance your natural best self.

Our Services

At Namaa, we offer a wide range of services :

Why Namaa ?


Our specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and skill, assuring you the highest level of care and professionalism


At Namaa, we offers a wide array of treatments, addressing diverse skin, hair and body needs.


We thoroughly test everything we introduce, using only FDA approved technologies and premium products to ensure the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.


Your journey with Namaa is unique – no two treatment plans are the same, we customise and tailor every treatment to your specific needs.